Packet Forensics is a pioneer and world leader in active network defense solutions. Since 2005 we’ve been developing active defense strategies and marketing our active net defense tools. Nearly a decade later, our products continue to offer techniques and capabilities simply unavailable in other solutions.

The Packet Forensics Network Effects Engine

Effects - The conditions needed to achieve your objectives

The Packet Forensics Network Effects Engine: Delivering the effects required to defeat threats, to protect your data and to safeguard your intellectual property.

Packet Forensics leverages years of experience with deep packet inspection, threat analysis and network technology to bring you a suite of capabilities that not only collects and alerts to threat activity, but interactively operates on traffic in transit to stop the threat in its tracks. Think beyond threat rejection and retaliation. Think: threat adaptation.

Think about being able to simply describe the conditions you want on your network. What if you can set those conditions before any outside traffic ever reaches your internal systems? Packet Forensics Network Effects Engine allows you to do just that. Leveraging our comprehensive suite of capabilities you can define exactly what you want coming in and out of your network and you can operate on network traffic on the fly. Simply define your effects using our easy to understand XML based policy language and start defending your network. You can leverage our extended network intelligence feeds or you can tie your own network intelligence, intrusion detection or other external data sources directly to the effects engine.

Packet Level "Explosive Ordinance Disposal": Imagine being able to disarm malicious content at the packet level while allowing your good traffic to continue unimpeded. Imagine being able to detect and disarm malware that is already on your network before it takes your intellectual property with it. With Packet Forensics’ Network Effects Engine you can do it!

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Net Defense

Unique Directory Solutions for Government and Enterprise

cQuery Service facilitates fast and reliable Internet directory services without disclosing the identity of the client. Alternatively, Internet usage without utilizing this service precariously reveals a client's identity or intentions.

The Problem

Through normal Internet usage, the DNS queries you make publicly say a lot about you: what operating systems you run, which anti-virus software package you use, what web sites you visit and whom you e-mail, to name a few. They also describe "what you're interested in." This information is available to many Internet service providers, foreign governments and private companies involved in large scale DNS infrastructure (including those "free" DNS services that have become so popular). This disclosure of interactions and associations is dangerous, unnecessary and has the potential to compromise investigations, provide an adversary valuable intelligence to formulate an attack or even endanger operatives--all with seemingly harmless clicks of a mouse, sending of e-mails to trusted contacts or lookups of public DNS or WhoIs records.


To make things worse, neither DNS nor WhoIs queries are generally available via secure encrypted transactions, which means anyone in the Internet path or DNS hierarchy can see them. As depicted in the diagram below, the Internet has become so distributed, there are now too many opportunities in the path or hierarchy to guarantee your queries won't be surveilled.

On a lighter note, did you know DNS is also the #1 culprit for slowing down your web browsing? Just visiting one website may cause dozens of DNS lookups, all of which require back-and-forth communications with computers across the Internet to resolve locations of advertising, images, video and other web objects--none of which are part of your connection to the actual web server. To improve performance, modern web browser software attempts to improve your experience using tactics like DNS pre-fetching and smarter cache management. This increases your DNS queries and gives you less control over when they're happening and what path they'll take.

cQuery Advantages

In the same way you pay a little extra for an unlisted number and block your caller-ID when making calls, you should do the same thing when using the Internet. Only on the Internet, things can be a little more complicated with proxies, tunneling, DNS and other factors. cQuery Service by Packet Forensics solves these problems while actually improving performance in many situations because it takes a completely different approach to DNS resolution and caching. And DNS is only one piece of the solution. cQuery offers unique, secure solutions for forward and reverse WhoIs queries as well, keeping you covered from every perspective of your research or investigation.

In-the-Cloud or On-Prem

Turning-up cQuery service couldn't be easier. We can keep things simple for your IT department by delivering a completely cloud-based service with no software to install. Alternatively, we'll deliver one of our high reliability, security-hardened devices that gives you even better performance and has several other advantages.

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