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Effects = The conditions needed to achieve your objectives

Introducing, Packet Forensics Network Effects Engine: Delivering the effects required to defeat threats, to protect your data and to safeguard your intellectual property.

Packet Forensics leverages years of experience with deep packet inspection, threat analysis and network technology to bring you a suite of capabilities that not only collects and alerts to threat activity, but interactively operates on traffic in transit to stop the threat in its tracks.

Think about being able to simply describe the conditions you want on your network. What if you can set those conditions before any outside traffic ever reaches your internal systems? Packet Forensics Network Effects Engine allows you to do just that. Leveraging our comprehensive suite of capabilities you can define exactly what you want coming in and out of your network and you can operate on network traffic on the fly. Simply define your effects using our easy to understand XML based policy language and start defending your network. You can leverage our extended network intelligence feeds or you can tie your own network intelligence, intrusion detection or other external data sources directly to the effects engine.

Packet Level “Explosive Ordinance Disposal”: Imagine being able to disarm malicious content at the packet level while allowing your good traffic to continue unimpeded. Imagine being able to detect and disarm malware that is already on your network before it takes your intellectual property with it. With Packet Forensics’ Network Effects Engine you can do it!

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