Our Cyber Intelligence solutions help customers process, summarize, store, enrich and disseminate information to their constituents at network speed. Leveraged by businesses and governments around the world, we enable real-time business intelligence and risk assessment, and help investigators and analysts discover threats to national security.

Data Enrichment


Customers ranging from enterprise security teams to some of the world's most admired incident response firms rely on Packet Forensics commercial cyber intelligence services to enrich their own data and to inform better decisions.

Uses of enterprise security teams and incident responders include:

  • Augmentation of internal intelligence by tracking known identifiers outside your network
  • Without asking publicly, determining if a threat impacting you is impacting other organizations
    • Localize and bin the other organizations being impacted by a cyber threat
  • De-anonymization of communications to determine the true origins of network activity
    • Enable traceback and attribution beyond the borders of your own network
  • Supporting vulnerability discovery and data loss prevention
  • Enrichment of your own alerts and sensors to add context to early warning of cyber events

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What Our Cyber Intelligence Customers are Saying

"The Packet Forensics commercial cyber intelligence source is our most valuable outside resource for informing our enterprise cyber operating picture."
"Packet Forensics is our most trusted partner and using their cyber intelligence source constantly informs and enriches our own substantial collection of threat intelligence. This gives us a serious leg up in our effort to constantly shift mitigation left on the timeline."