Packet Forensics is growing in every business area. We're a movement of motivated men and women in search of the brightest minds who want to do the best work of their careers. We’re innovative and determined and we work well together because we hire well. Culture is critical to us. Culture makes our environment strong and inclusive, and it ensures the best ideas win.

If you want to develop products that protect people and shape the future of communications ...

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Teamwork Matters

Our “small teams, big results" philosophy allows you to own part of a project from end-to-end and contribute ideas that make a difference. You'll have the freedom to try new things in a diverse team and solve problems creatively, and we'll give you resources to support your growth.


Take Pride

Part of working on projects at Packet Forensics means spending significant time with end-users of our products. At conferences, training sessions or office visits, you’ll meet customers and understand their challenges from their perspective. You’ll take pride in seeing first hand how your efforts make a difference.


Working Here

We pride ourselves on our ability to nurture, motivate and reward our people. We offer a great range of benefits that fully reflect your skills, experience and loyalty to the company. As you grow with the company, rewards grow too. Between great benefits and mandatory fun this is a great place to grow your career.

Unsolicited Applications

We're always on the lookout for talented and motivated candidates to join our team. If you have extraordinary technical skills and a go-getter attitude, we're interested to explore whether or not we can work together. Send us an short cover letter using our online form and attach your resume, then we'll take a look to see if you're a fit for any of our current openings.

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What Employees Say About Working Here

"The work I do at Packet Forensics makes me feel like I am making a difference. We're always working on meaningful projects that I know will have a real impact in the world."
Network Operator, Virginia
"I love my job at Packet Forensics. I am exposed to a wide variety of technologies most people aren’t talking about yet, and I’m often given the freedom to experiment and come up with new ideas.”
Analytics Development Lead, Arizona
"I have never worked for another employer that does what Packet does for their employees - both personally and professionally. It's so encouraging. I am very proud to work here."
Project Manager, Arizona
"Working at Packet Forensics is fun and constantly intellectually stimulating. I am surrounded by a great team of people who are all very passionate about the work we do. Never have I learned so much in such short a time."
Hardware Engineer, Virginia
"Packet has created an environment where everyone continues to learn more than their trade. It's impossible to work here and not become immediately more valuable because of the skills you naturally acquire. This creates a lot of loyalty. Companies often talk about investing in their employees, but here it seems to go beyond investment - it’s growth."
DevOps Engineer, Arizona
“When I entered the workforce, I started at a big defense company that billed me out to a customer. I soon found out that almost every place doing this kind of interesting work charges customers by the hour and the culture that creates is awful or nonexistent. Packet Forensics has been the opposite experience: customers appreciate our work and we enjoy building things for them according to our creativity, not a time clock. I couldn’t imagine working anywhere else in the industry."


A happy and healthy staff leads to a healthy company. People need to feel rewarded for their efforts, and they need to be in tune with the success of the company on a regular basis. We look at benefits three ways:



Full time employee base pay will be competitive and tend toward the high side of the industry. You’ll have several chances each year to earn additional compensation based in part on the progress of the company and largely on your individual contribution measured by your supervisor and coworkers.



Benefits include the best health care plans we can offer in each company location, including dental and vision plans also. The company also provides tax-deferred investment vehicles for your long-term benefit, and provides dollar for dollar matching investment into your 401K up to a percentage of your salary. Several mechanisms for continuing education including tuition reimbursement are offered. If you’re busy, there’s also someone to help you schedule various appointments and arrange dry cleaning and other services.

Work/Life Balance


We locate our facilities where people want to live, and some of us even walk or bike to work. We host mixers and encourage attendance at company outings we call "mandatory fun." Some past events include wine tastings, craft brewery visits, sporting events, happy hours, and parties where you’re encouraged to bring your spouse. Another often-overlooked benefit is our fanaticism about taking time off. Separate from your paid vacation, the company designates “office closed” days, where employees are encouraged to spend time with their families. This includes the sensible 3-day weekends and aligns off-days with local public school calendars—we even assist with vacation scheduling.

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