Since 2005 our products and services have improved the way organizations obtain data to inform vital decisions. We equip many of the world’s most respected institutions with tools necessary to solve complex network monitoring challenges to protect people and defend critical systems.

Our company has always been a trustworthy custodian of data that does not belong to us, and we never treat it as our own. Instilling this concept within company culture has been a critical component of our success and differentiated us within the industry as a beacon of trust and a model for operational integrity. When we develop capabilities or operate them on behalf of our customers, we don’t seek attention or praise as reward. Having pride in your work is important, but deriving it from the applause of others reveals a dangerous vanity.

We are a company at the crossroads of two distinct and defining cultures: Operational and Developmental.

The Operational Packet Forensics

Many customers around the world rely on our products as their operations platform. They each have unique needs and expectations, but things they have in common include professionalism, a sense of urgency and criticality in purpose. We deeply respect our role in our customers' endeavors and we do everything in our power to dignify their requirements with operational excellence around the world, and around the clock.

Packet Forensics operates network infrastructure and provides on-site training and support in dozens of countries around the world.

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The Developmental Packet Forensics

We develop hardware, software and complete integrated systems at Packet Forensics. As a company steeped in applied research and development in communications and cyber, our guiding principles drive us to innovate ahead of market demand. In R&D, we take risks and fail often. Failures refine our approaches and teach us valuable lessons that improve our workforce and ultimately our products. In a way, every wrong turn remembered makes for a shorter path to solutions in continuous product development.

Our teams understand the urgency of our customers critical operations, and our rapid prototyping and low yield in-house manufacturing capabilities are remarkable. We remain steadfast in our mission to develop revolutionary products to solve the most challenging problems our customers face today and those just over the horizon.

A Glimpse into our Virginia Labs


Surface Mount Technology (SMT) Pick-and-Place Machine


Battery Characterization and Testing


Testing within a connected Faraday cage


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If you are interested in exporting or re-exporting our products, you're encouraged to visit our export hints and tips page. Compliance with export administration regulations is a critical aspect of international good will and responsible corporate governance.


Packet Forensics is a privately-held company based in the USA with significant operations concentrated in Arizona and Virginia.